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For speed optimization of your WordPress website!

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Premium license for WP Rocket and Perfmatters included

Image optimization

JavaScript and CSS optimization

Optimizing fonts

Preload/prefetch correct ordering

Implementing proper lazy loading

Web host server optimization

Removing excess code

Two weeks after project support

2 days of work max

CDN configuration

Thorough after-project documentation

Database optimization

Additional support period




Premium license for WP Rocket and Perfmatters included

Image optimization

JavaScript and CSS optimization

Optimizing fonts

Preload/prefetch correct ordering

Implementing proper lazy loading

Web host server optimization

Removing excess code

One month after project support

CDN configuration

Thorough after-project documentation

3 days of work max

Database optimization

Additional support period




Premium license for WP Rocket and Perfmatters included

Image optimization

JavaScript and CSS optimization

Optimizing fonts

Preload/prefetch correct ordering

Implementing proper lazy loading

Web host server optimization

Removing excess code

2 months after project support

CDN configuration

Thorough after-project documentation

Database optimization

Additional support period

5 days of work max

You can read more about the speed optimization process in our blog post.

Perfmatters and WP Rocket for free

Drawing from our extensive experience, we’ve observed that most clients’ websites attain peak performance with the premium plugin combination of Perfmatters and WP Rocket.
If we determine that your website could benefit from these top-tier plugins, we are prepared to extend our unlimited licenses for them, eliminating any additional expenses for you.

These plugins, currently valued at $85 per year, are included in our service package at no extra cost to you. No matter which WordPress speed optimization package you choose, you are eligible to receive them.

We understand the importance of a ‘less is more’ approach when it comes to plugins for optimal performance. However, you should recognize the fact that your website benefits from a carefully selected few, enhancing its efficiency.

Speed optimization service refund policy

100% money-back guarantee

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If, for any reason, WPservice does not meet your expectations, allow us to revert all the improvements we made, and we will issue a refund.
This offer is valid within 14 days after the project’s completion.


-After ordering, if you haven’t already, please fill out the Order details form.

Do you improve speed on other websites besides the CMS?

No, we specialize solely in the CMS platform. That’s why we are so good at it.

Can you improve the PageSpeed Insights speed score to 100 for mobile test? And if not, how fast will my website be after the speed optimization?

That’s an unrealistic goal, reaching 90+ on the PSI mobile test is unlikely for most websites. The result depends on your website, your web host server, CDN, and our improvement work. We work in a way that your website functionality or design remains unchanged after the improvements. Our approach yields the best performance results while not creating any errors.
Please reach out for a free speed analysis to estimate the end result.

I haven’t received a confirmation for ordering. How can I find out my order #?

Please check your spam e-mail folder. If the e-mail does not arrive in a reasonable time, contact us about it.

Do you offer a guarantee on your work?

All plans come with a two-week (minimum on Basic) guarantee on our work. If our improvements caused some error or loss of functionality – we’ll fix it ASAP at no additional cost to you.

Is your initial speed audit free?

All plans include a FREE speed audit and testing of website functionality after the optimization.

Is your work lasting, or would the website slow down after a while?

Any optimizations we conduct are lasting. That being said, if you change the content by adding unoptimized images, or you add some new plugins, it’s possible that over time the speed will deteriorate over time. If you edit your website often and would like to have it fast all the time, check our maintenance plans.

Do you use ‘black hat’ techniques?

No. Our work is pure ‘white hat’, and it will not hurt your SERP (SEO) in any way. Quite the opposite.

Do you use plugins for your work?

We understand that a minimum number of plugins is the way to go. That being said, for maximum efficiency, we use a mixture of plugins and code to improve your website.
So, we will use the minimum number of plugins, to achieve maximum possible results. Two top-tier premium plugins we prefer to use are Perfmatters and WP Rocket, and if your website can benefit from them, we’ll implement them for you at no extra cost.

My website is unusal, very large, or riddled with errors. Can you still improve its speed?

Certainly, if you have a database-heavy website or existing errors – please contact us about it for a personalized offer before ordering.

I have a number of websites ready for speed optimization, do you offer a bulk discount?

We can work something out, please contact us for a customized offer.


Website SEO Speed Test Audit and optimization

Dalibor did a great job of honestly and objectively finding the problems affecting my site. He revealed some significant new findings I wasn’t aware of before hiring him for this job.

Seth Williams

Improve performance of e-Commerce (wordpress)

Dalibor was very compentent in his work, always honest, did not over promise to get the contract and deliver the job the way I was expecting. Communication also very good and fast worker. Highly satisfied with his work.

Eli Garcia, Sinnova SPRL

Improve performance of e-Commerce (wordpress) – Part 2

This is my second project with Dalibor and as previously, I’m very satisfied with the work and communication.

Eli Garcia, Sinnova SPRL

Need help fixing javascript on wordpress site to optimize speed

Website optimization completed successfully! Dalibor went through a lot of effort to reach the most optimal results. We’re very happy with his work and there’s certainly a noticable improvement.

Daniel Kiryakov

Wordpress WooCommerce Shop Maintenance

Dalibor works very structured. He informed me in advance about the obstacles and possibilities regarding my expectations and did not simply work towards them. So I went into this job with realistic expectations. Dalibor has a very friendly and respectful manner and treated my existing online store accordingly. He was always available and explained things to me that I had no idea about and he also pointed out possible security gaps for which I am very grateful. Dalibor has optimized my site from the ground up and spared no effort and work. His work is well-founded and holistic in its approach.

Marie Galinsky-Schild

Optimize website build using wordpress + elementor

Amazing work

Saber Jlassi

Siteground Hosted – WP Rocket Configured Site Need Extra Speed Optimization

It was a pleasure working with D. He gave me the needed info on time.

Ali Demirci

WordPress developer to do some site updates (plugins and php etc) and some onsite seo tasks.

Knowledgeable, diligent, honest, thorough, great communication, pleasant to deal with. Has all the attributes I look for in a freelancer – so yes, I highly recommend Dalibor. Hope to work with him again in the near future.


Mark Farrell

WordPress Speed Optimization, without CDN work

Dalibor is an extremely knowledgeable WordPress expert. He explains his work and recommendations thoroughly and works quickly. He helped me speed-optimize my client’s website, masterfully working within hard constraints. He was a pleasure to communicate with and very on top of things. I look forward to continuing to work with Dalibor.

Tadas Antanavicius

An excellent pro

Dalibor is an excellent pro for optimizing your website. He has a professional attitude, works fast and you get a clear report with the optimizations he did. My website is a lot faster especially for Google. What I like the most is the way he is honest about the expected performance and delivers great service. Het is a reliable partner to help you!

Kind regards Saskia Weijman

Saskia Weijman

Wordpress & Elementor speed and SEO improvements on existing blog

Dalibor is exactly what you would hope for in a freelancer. He was able to start the next day, and work two days straight to speed up our WordPress installation to maximum efficiency. We didn’t have any issues and would definitely work with him again!

Chris Sands

WordPress & Woommerce Site Speed Optimisation

Dalibor quickly optimized our website and helped us achieve a great score. I highly recommend him!


Google Page Speed up to 100 % in desktop and mobile

Everything was made with full energy and with love of detail!


Technical SEO specialist needed

Great work and support. Available for feedback and trouble shooting. Definitely recommended working with this freelancer for WP performance optimization, as he is a WP specialist.

Johannes Pfeiffer

Long-term maintenance

Great experience working with Dalibor – communicates well and thoroughly. Completes work on time. Would work again!

Tadas Antanavicius

Optimise Wordpress Website Content and Speed

Successfully completed the job and really went deep into the details. Dalibor truly is a master of his craft and and optimisation expert!

Ryan J

Website Technical Optimization

Great work, with detailed reporting and went above and beyond our expectations. 10/10

Lorne Fade

Optimize and speed up a website

he did a great job Would work with again

Long Li

WordPress Speed Optimization

great work – very detailed

Long Li

Wordpress website speed optimization

The best wordpress pro developer who can work on the complex area of Wordpress development and performance.

WordPress theme optimization

Dalibor was absolutely awesome to work with. He perfectly understood the issue we were facing, proactively suggested multiple viable solutions, and did so in a timely manner. His expertise and knowledge for the job were excellent. We will hire him again if needed in the future.

Ashley Porter
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